Anastasia Arkhipova

Anastasia Arkhipova was born in Moscow in the family of artists. Her father and grandfather were doing book graphic illustrations. In 1978, she graduated from Moscow State Institute named after V.I. Surikov. While a student, Anastasia started working for “Literature for Children” Publishing House. In her creative work, the artist follows the best traditions of Russian and foreign masters of illustration. Her creations are stylish, modest in emotions and colors, delicately lyrical. The following books were published with Arkhipova’s illustrations: “Klods-Hans”, “The Snow Queen”, “The Princess and the Pea”, “Tinderbox” and “The Steadfast Tin Soldier” by H.C.Andersen, “The Bourgeois Gentleman” and “Tartuffe” by J.-B. Moliere, “Don Quixote” by M. de Cervantes, “The Sorrows of Young Werther” by J.-W. Goethe, “Fairy Tales of Russian Writers”.

From 1985, she worked in cooperation with the German Publishing House “Schreiber Verlag”, as illustrator of “Andersen’s Fairy Tales” and “Brothers Grimm’s Fairy Tales”, published by “Schreiber Verlag”. The results of this cooperation were quite successful, and later these books were reprinted in many other countries: USA, Brazil, Japan, Korea, China, and about every European country.

In 2003, Anastasia became “The Best Illustrator of the Year”, as result of “Book of the Year” contest held as part of the International Book Fair in Moscow.

From 2007, Anastasia Arkhipova was Chairman of the Section “Book Graphics” of The Moscow Artists Union. She organized and participated in several book art exhibitions in Russia and abroad. Through 2007-2010, she was member of the Executive Committee of The International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY), participated in international congresses, was jury member of Russian book illustration contests and of The Biennial of Illustration Bratislava (BIB), initiated the All-Russia Contest “Book Image”. In 2011-2012, Anastasia was jury member of the International Premium named after H.-C. Andersen. In 2012 A. Arkhipova was elected Member of the Russian Academy of Arts.




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