Anna Pavleyeva

From 2006 to 2012, Anna was student of the Moscow State University of Printing named after Ivan Fedorov, and graduated with honors.

From 2009, she was cooperating with “Makhaon” Publishing House: 3 books have been issued, and one more is coming soon. In 2010, she presented her illustrations to “Ward 6” at The Moscow Students Contest of Book Illustrations devoted to 150-th anniversary of A.P. Chekhov, and was awarded the 1st Grade Diploma. In the same year, Anna was awarded a Diploma in the nomination “New Names in Book Illustration” of the All-Russia Contest “Book Image” for illustrations to “The Secret Garden” by F. Burnett. In 2012, she received a Diploma in the nomination “Author’s Book” for books “Clown and a Star” and “Mister Par and Eve”

From 2012, Anna works in cooperation with “Labyrinth” Publishing House as designer and illustrator. She is also working in gaming industry, as concept designer.

The following book publications were illustrated by Anna Pavleyeva:

Lebedeva G.V. “How Masha Had a Quarrel with Gradpa”

Lebedeva G.V. “Mom’s Birthday”

Mayakovsky V.V. “Cloudlet’s Gimmicks”