Ivan Alexandrov

Ivan Alexandrov was born in the family of artists. He graduated from the Moscow State University of Printing named after Ivan Fedorov, then took post-graduate course in the same University. Today, he is lecturing on book design in this University. Ivan is Member of The Moscow Artists Union, Member of The Russian Board on Books for Young People (RBBY), which is the Russian National Division of The International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY).

Ivan is member of The Artists Community “Magic Saw”.

He was working for “Samokat”, “Uley”, “Plan”, “Boslen” Publishing Houses, and the magazine “Firm’s Secret”. In addition to illustration and decoration of books, Ivan works as book artist and designer. He participated in several Russian and international exhibitions. Ivan set the outlay of the Russian exhibition stand at 2012 Children’s Book Fair in Bologna.


2006 – Certificate of Honor and Medal of the Annual Contest “Scarlet Sails” for the book by A. Givargizov “We are so much alike”.
2006 — Shortlist of the Moscow International Biennale of Graphic Design “Golden Bee 7”.
2007 — “Golden Apple” of the Biennial of Illustration Bratislava (BIB), Slovakia.Series of illustrations to author’s book “About Swallows”.
2008 — Laureate of the All-Russia Book Illustration Contest “Book Image” in the nomination “Author’s Book”.
2009 — Laureate of the International “CJ Book Festival”, Korea. Book by S. Belorusets “Grass Barbers”.
2011 — Laureate of the “Book of the Year” Contest in the nomination “With a Book We Grow”.

Awards in Book Design:

Guidebook “Architecture of Moscow, 1920–1960”
2007 — Laureate of the “Divine Proportion” Contest in the nomination “Publications”.

Book “Kirill Alexandrov. Sculpture, Graphics, Installation, Objects”
2009 — Diploma of the Contest “Book Art. Traditions and Look-out” in the nomination “Books and Albums about Art”.

Books “Architectural Workshop of Sergey Tkachenko”. 1990–2010» and “Charles Cameron at the Court of Empress Catherine II”
2011 — Laureate of the All-Russia Book Illustration Contest “Book Image” in the nomination “Book Design”.

Book “New Houses. Architecture of Moscow Housing Complexes, 1920-1930-es”.

2012—Silver Sign of “Zodchestvo” Festival for the best printed publication on architecture and on architects.

In 2004, Alexandrov’s diploma work – character font “Zaum” was awarded “Rodchenko’s Diploma”.


Interview to “Book Shelf” Program, TV Channel “Enlightenment”

Advice of Professor Chainikov (fragment). Channel “Bibigon”, recorded in spring of 2008

Addresses of 5 November 2010

Personal Information

Live journal: http://ivanalexandrov.livejournal.com/

Magic Saw: http://www.magic-pila.ru/?painters/13

Article on Biblioguide: http://bibliogid.ru/articles/2898

Article on website of KAK magazine: http://kak.ru/columns/booksasbooks/a12324/