Unbelievable stories about space ships and space stations, about heroes and inventors, jumping up the Moon, aliens, smell of cosmos, 16 dawns a day, zero-gravity, and travelling at the speed of 28 thousand kms per hour.

“Cosmos” is an uncommon book! It is highly informative as a true encyclopedia, and amusing as comics.

The book has two creators: photographer Dmitriy Kostyukov and artist Zina Surova. They together were writing text and designing illustrations. Dmitriy made several visits to space launch site Baikonur, where he made photos of launch and landing of space ship Soyuz, space rocket assembling, and training of astronauts. Zina was designing illustrations in collage technique by combining on huge paper sheets of photos, drawings, and comics. Throughout two years of their work over the book, the authors repeatedly used advice from astronauts. Pictures from space were taken by Russian astronaut Oleg Kotov, Hero of Russia.
The book outlay was designed by Philipp Surov. The book has alternating vertical and horizontal openings. This ensures more flexibility, better representation of the energy of launch, or detailed information on rocket assembling.

The book was first published in 2012, by Dorofeeva’s Small Publishing House. This is the second print run, as of now.