“Samokat” Publishing House

The Publishing House “Samokat” was established in 2003. The basic motivation of Irina Balakhonova and Tatyana Kormer, the founders of “Samokat”, was their wish to introduce Russian children to the best world literature and illustrations for young, promote the traditions of Russian book art school, discover new writers and artists, publish proper books instead of mass low-cost publications.

“Samokatovtsy” believe that one of their major objectives is promotion of book and reading culture. In addition to participation in various book festivals and fairs, and “days of reading”, they are common guests in schools, libraries, clubs, they convene workshops and master classes, lecture and teach in classes.

In 10 years of its life, “Samokat” published about 200 books. Nearly each of these publications became an important event for readers. Several books received prestigious national and international awards.

“Samokat” never hesitated to take for publication a book of an author or of an artist not yet known to many. New names, sometimes still students are especially numerous among the illustrators working for this publishing house. “Samokat” opened the door to Russian illustration art for many of the artist whose work is now on display on the Russian exhibition stand of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. Among those who have worked with “Samokat” are Zina Surova, Ivan Alexandrov, Natalia Petrova, Tatyana Kormer, and many other artists.