Zina and Philipp Surov

Zina and Surov — is illustrator, designer, decorator, and is also doing art and writes texts for her picture books. She was born in the family of artists Gurievs. Graduated from Sebastopol Art School and Moscow State University of Printing named after Ivan Fiodorov.

Zina is member of the Book Section of The Moscow Artists Union and of “Magic Saw” community of illustrators. She participated in international book exhibitions and festivals. She teaches at the Higher Academic School of Graphic Design.

For her illustrations, she uses a great variety of materials and techniques: China ink, acryl, oil, clay, wood, collage.

She has decorated several books and projects for children, including the book “From the Correspondence with a Cow” by Tim Sobakin (“Egmont Russia” Publishers), which in 2009 became The Book of the Year for Children”. Recently, she initiated an educational project for children – “Cosmos Picture Book”

In the book projects, Zina Surova works together with her husband – designer Philipp Surov http://issuu.com/surov

Information on Zina’s art works is presented in her blog http://zinasurova.livejournal.com
Philipp Surov – is a book designer. He graduated from the Moscow State University of Printing named after Ivan Fiodorov. Philipp lives and works in Moscow. He is member of the Book Section of The Moscow Artists Union. Philipp is laureate of book art contests.

From 1999 to 2008, Surov lectured on book design and basics of illustration art in the Moscow State University of Printing.

From 1999, Philipp cooperates with several Russian Publishing Houses (“Samokat”, “Trimag”, “CompassGuide”, “Egmont Russia”, «Ripol», “PiART”, “Northern Pilgrim”, “Christian Liabrary”, Savvino-Storozhevsky Monastery’s Publishing “Ventana-Graph”, “Interbook-Business”, “Progress-Tradition”, etc.).

As co-authors, Philipp works together with his wife, Zina Surova, on books for children, children’s events, indoor decorations and objects. http://fsurov.livejournal.com


2006, 2007, 2009, 2012 – Honorary Diplomas of The BOOK ART Contest in the nominations “Children’s Book”, Moscow

2010 – Laureate of The BOOK IMAGE Contest in the nomination “Author’s Book” for the book “Tea Party on a Kite”, in the nomination “The Best Illustrations to Books for Children and Teenagers”, Moscow

2010 Diploma and Medal of The Moscow Artists Union for achievements in development of visual art.

2009 The Annual National Contest “Book of the Year”. Winner in the nomination “With a Book We Grow” (collectively with other books of the series “Motley Square” of “Egmont Russia” Publishers). Moscow

2008, 2009 Diploma of The All-Russia Contest BOOK IMAGE in the nomination “The Best Illustrations to Books for Children and Teenagers”.

List of Books and Projects

Designed by Zina and Philipp Surov.


  1. Авторская познавательная книга «Космос» Зина Сурова, Дмитрий Костюков (ИД Дорофеевой, 2012)
  2.  Авторская книжка-картинка «Чаепитие на Воздушном Змее» Зина Сурова (TriMag, Москва, 2010) 
  3. Тим Собакин «Из переписки с коровой» (Эгмонт Россия, серия «Пёстрый квадрат», Москва, 2009)
  4.  Михаил Яснов «Собиратель Сосулек» (Самокат,   Москва, 2009)
  5.  Кристине Нёстлингер «Само собой и вообще» (Самокат, Москва, 2008)
  6.  Авторская книжка «Кораблик любви» (Самокат, Москва, 2007)
  7. «Молитвослов для детей» (Храм Софии, Москва, 2006, Издательский отдел Саввино-Сторожевского монастыря, 2011)
  8.  2012 оформление Центральной Государственной Детской библиотеки им. Гайдара
  9.  2012 оформление детской площадки для детского центра Шардам (ЦДХ)
  10.  2011 оформление магазина детских дизайнерских игрушек «Космонавт» (объекты, интерьер, фирменный стиль, полиграфия, сайт, Москва, Цветной бульвар, д.15).

11.2010 оформление пространства 5 Московского международного открытого книжного фестиваля в ЦДХ (объекты, стиль, полиграфия).